As a psychiatrist located in midtown Manhattan, I help people with problems affecting their mood, self-esteem, and concentration. I treat patients undergoing significant life changes and experiencing difficulties with work and relationships. I have a special focus in the treatment of substance abuse and am a licensed prescriber of buprenorphine.

I create a treatment tailored to the particular needs of my patients that respects their privacy. I enjoy working in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and believe that meeting frequently can provide optimum results. In certain cases, I also prescribe medication. My training draws on different sources, but I use a predominantly psychodynamic approach with patients to help them learn more about themselves, and to understand and resolve their conflicts.

I do not participate in any insurance panels, but my bill can be submitted to an insurer with out of network benefits. Payment is due at time of session. I do not take credit cards. Payment may be made by check.